FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Cleaning Handbags and Shoes
  1. Will cleaning or coloring damage my bag/shoes?
    No. In fact, cleaning and coloring will increase the lifespan of your bags and shoes. The cleaning products we use have been specially formulated to treat your delicate leather and suede products, and our qualified cleaning specialists are trained to handle your items with the utmost care.
  3. When should I clean my bags and shoes?
    Cleaning your bag and shoes should be a regular part of accessory care, especially if you live in countries with high humidity, which contributes to rapid fungi formation. If you use the same bags and shoes regularly, we recommend you clean them every 3 to 6 months.You should also clean your bags and shoes as soon as they get stained. Otherwise, the stains will become permanent.
  5. Will cleaning my expensive bags and shoes damage or affect their original quality?
    Our cleaning specialists understand that different materials require different cleaning agents, and will choose the appropriate one that will not damage them.
  7. Can you help me change my bags and shoes to a different color?
    Yes, we can color treat your bags and shoes, although we do not recommend choosing a color too different from what they were before. This is so you can maintain their original beauty, and not compromise the integrity of the material.
  9. I would like to color my bags and shoes nevertheless. How long can they last?
    Our cleaning specialists will be able to offer an opinion upon inspection of the material and the desired color in question. However, the lifespan of your color-treated bags and shoes will depend also on other factors such as the frequency of their usage and care.
  11. What else can I do to protect my bags and shoes?
    You can consider these other services to protect your bag/shoes.
  13. How long does it take to clean my bag and shoes?
    On average, cleaning will take up to 1 week. Coloring and repair work will take between 2 to 8 weeks.
  15. How much does it cost to clean my bag/shoes?
    Please select your country for a price guide.
  17. Where are you located?
    Please select your country to find an outlet near you.
  19. I noticed an attractive ColorWash promotion on another country’s website. Can this promotion be applied to my country?
    ColorWash is currently running country-specific promotions only. You may wish to check your country’s ColorWash website for the latest promotions.
  21. I am visiting a country with a ColorWash outlet, and would like to get my bags and shoes cleaned while I’m there. Is this possible?
    Certainly. Although we recommend you do so only if your visit is long enough for you to be able pick up the item in person. We cannot guarantee the condition of your bags and shoes once they leave our outlet in transit to you. That said, do feel free to drop by our ColorWash outlet for a consultation. We will assess each item on a case-by-case basis.