Cleaning Handbags and Shoes


ColorWash started in 2003 in Singapore as a shoe care service provider, then called Shoe Wash and Care, offering professional shoe cleaning services. We operated out of one location. As the market for our service matured and demand for professional cleaning services grew, we expanded our offerings to include bags as well, to the delight of many customers. We rebadged ourselves ColorWash to cater to our expanded range of services and growing ambition, as evidenced by the increase in the number of outlets from one to several across the island in a few short years. Today, ColorWash has grown beyond Singapore to become a successful international franchise, with outlets also in Jakarta, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia. What keep customers coming back for more are not only our expert knowledge and advanced cleaning techniques, but also our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and doing everything we can to meet their expectations, no matter where they are.

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We aim to always provide innovative, personalized and knowledgeable service to our customers. back to top

Business Vision

We see ourselves as a pioneer in the professional care of bags and shoes, and seek to improve the level of care for bags and shoes worldwide by making our services available in major cities around the world. back to top